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Welcome GEDSB Elementary Principals and staff members. You've been hand selected for this special offer as a thank you for your board wide participation in my Virtual Orange Shirt Day Assembly last September which assisted in raising $17,000 for our First Nations charities. But this year I'm going LIVE!

As requests continue to pour in from across Canada, the 40 best show times are currently being held exclusively for interested GEDSB Elementary Schools.

The tour kicks off on Monday September 12th and concludes on Friday October 7th with 3 available show times to choose from each day to fit in your school's 45 minute performance:

1.  Morning (approx 9:00am)

2.  Mid Morning (approx 11:15am)

3.  Afternoon (approx 1:30pm)




  • Orange Shirt Day Story

  • Residential Schools

  • Truth and Reconciliation 

  • Healing Moving Forward

Availability: September 12th - October 7th 2022

Performance Length: 45 minutes

Location: Your Gym

Grade Levels: Kindergarten  to Grade 8

Equipment Required: Projector and screen/white wall 

(Q-Mack comes equipped with his own mic, sound system, and laptop)


Presentation Includes:

  • Powerful Indigenous Music Videos

  • Live Basketball Tricks, Story Telling, and Illusions connecting back to the theme and to engage students


Regular Price: $1195 + hst


(Discount Available: If your school requires a double performance to fit all students into the gym or prefers a Primary/Intermediate split, the 2nd performance is available at the discounted rate of $795)


Please fill out all fields on the form below and requests will be handled on a first come/first serve basis. Once the 40 GEDSB assemblies have been booked, the tour will be booking schools in the GTA. 

I hope to see all of you soon and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Woodland Cultural Centre's "Save The Evidence Campaign".

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What time works for you?

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