The Q -MACK Virtual Learning Pack

Finally, a way to really engage your students from home with a learning resource they'll actually look forward to! 

Q-MACK's been a professional entertainer for the NBA since 1999 and continues to excite fans at every NBA All-Star Weekend as the host of it's largest student focused event called Jr NBA Day from LA to Chicago.

Hired by more schools than any motivational speaker in Canada, he's been trusted by thousands of principals to deliver the key messages that their students NEED to hear but in a way the kids WANT to hear it.

Get all 10 Tutorial Lessons featuring the 10 All-Star Character Attributes PLUS matching follow up questions included.

Each lesson is sent in an individual file for easy access allowing you to pick and choose which lesson you want to deliver for your convenience.

ATTENTION: It's come to our attention that someone has been making fake sales calls trying to sell my Virtual Pack and directing the money to them using my Preview Videos found on this site. We NEVER make any sales calls so please only purchase your copy right here on our website's secure shop zone to ensure you receive your authentic customized copy. If you've received a call about my Virtual Pack, it was not from us so please disregard their salespitch and contact me directly here with any questions.

Thank you,

Quincy Mack