Hired by 4500 schools in 70 different boards across North America, NBA All-Star Entertainer Q-MACK brings 23 years of expertise engaging over 2 million students and encouraging them to make All-Star Choices. With his unique blend of motivational speaking and exciting freestyle basketball tricks this acclaimed assembly identifies:

-Different forms of bullying including CYBER, VERBAL, PHYSICAL, and EXCLUSION 

-The Role of the Bystander 

-Strategies to combat bullying and build confidence, perseverance, and positivity 


Q-MACK will energize your students to transform themselves into "All-Star Students" by choosing to be inclusive and to have a positive attitude all year long. Kids instantly respond to Q-MACK when they discover he's performed in front of countless superstars like Steph Curry, Drake, Shaq, and Snoop to name a few. 

Guaranteed to educate, entertain, and engage, this assembly has been one of Canada's most requested for over 2 decades and Q-MACK is ready to show your school why! 


Presenter: NBA All-Star Entertainer Q-MACK

Skills Performed: Basketball Tricks, Juggling, Balancing and Magic Acts, Storytelling, Humour


Subject Matter: Anti-Bullying/Inclusiveness/Confidence Building/Perseverance 

Ideal Audience: Kindergarten to Grade 8

Location: Your Gym 

Show Length: 45 Minutes 

Pricing Options: $995 

(or $1695 for a double performance)   



Each performance also includes:

-The Q-MACK Follow Up Pack of classroom activities to re-enforce the assembly momentum for the teachers in your K-Gr.6 classes

-a Q-MACK autographed basketball that you can use as a grand prize in either a participation based follow up contest (detailed in your Follow Up Pack) 

OR as a Raffle Prize to raise some funds retroactively offsetting the cost of your presentation. It's your choice how to utilize your autographed basketball!  

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