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NBA All-Star Entertainer Q-MACK is on a mission to transform your students into "All-Star students" by spelling out what the term "ALL-STAR" really means! This high impact presentation outlines 7 vital character attributes that will benefit your students in every challenge they'll face in the classroom, the gym, or on the playground. So just what does it take to become an "All-Star student"? Well much like becoming an All-Star athlete, these 7 character traits will assist to build an amazing foundation for kids of all ages:  


-Attitude (being positive/optimistic)

L - Leadership (by example)

L -Love (for learning new skills)

-Self control (making positive choices)

-Teamwork (being inclusive)

-Accountable  (being responsible for words and actions)

-Respect (for others feelings and standing up against bullying)


Q-MACK will entertain and engage your students in a way that no other assembly has. He's been hired by 4500 schools to educate 2.5 million students and been trusted by principals in over 70 different school boards to deliver the goods. With his unique presentation that includes an exciting combination of freestyle basketball tricks, balancing, juggling, and magic acts, he's in his 23rd year as a professional NBA Entertainer and Event Host. Of course when students find out he's personally worked with NBA MVP's like Steph Curry, LeBron, Giannis, and Shaq, actors from Stranger Things, and celebs from Ed Ed Sheeran to Snoop, he instantly has their undivided attention.

The 2023 BE AN ALL-STAR Assembly will be a presentation your students will remember for a lifetime. It packs all the energy of an NBA halftime show while continually shining the spotlight on 7 important character attributes that All-Star students need to succeed! 



TARGET AUDIENCE: Kindergarten to Grade 8 

PRICING OPTIONS:Regular Rate $1195...NOW ONLY $995!  OR $1595 for a double performance 

ADDED BONUS: This presentation also includes posters for your hallways/classrooms to keep the positive momentum alive all year long by reminding students what "ALL-STAR" stands for: Attitude, Leadership, Love, Self control, Teamwork, Accountable, and Respect!


Check out Q-MACK's full bio on his website and don't hesitate to reach out to reserve a show time for your school or to request letters of reference at

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